We turn off the lights. And not just when we close.

Becoming a Green Leader

At A&W Home Office we now rely solely on 100% renewable natural gas to power our test kitchen/ Innovation Centre where our tasty menu items first come to life. But what exactly does renewable natural gas mean?

Renewable natural gas is a product of biogas, created from decomposing organic waste, agricultural waste and wastewater from treatment facilities. This substitute for standard gas is carbon neutral, as it’s made from an abundant renewable resource helping to reduce our office’s carbon footprint.

By making the switch to renewable gas A&W is now also a Fortis BC Green Leader, joining a select group of other businesses making the switch to become carbon neutral with natural gas. This is just one additional step in our mission to cut down on A&W’s carbon emissions and demonstrate environmental responsibility.

high-efficiency filter fryers

Saving energy, one fry at a time.

Another way that we’re cutting back our energy consumption is through the use of high-efficiency filter fryers. 321 of our restaurants already have these new fryers, which use less oil and half the gas of traditional fryers. That’s a lot less energy for a lot more delicious rings and fries.